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MBBS, DTCD, MPH, Dip. Biomedical Ethics

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PMRC Research Centre at Dow Medical College, Karachi was established in 1990 as health   systems research centre. Objectives  are  1) to conduct hospital and community based studies in priority health issues.2)to promote research among under and postgraduate students and faculty members of the host institute by imparting training in research methodology, assisting postgraduate students in synopsis/dissertation writing and statistical analysis and to teach ethics to undergraduate students of Dow Medical College, Karachi. Research Priorities of the centre are Hospital and community based studies in priority health problems of the country with special interest in Community medicine and Chest diseases with emphasis on tuberculosis

Up-till date 64 research projects and 8 surveys have been conducted   and 61 research papers have been published from the platform of PHRC, Dow Medical College, Karachi, by the faculty and research staff.

The centre has expertise and trained technical manpower to undertake hospital and community based studies.  Assistance for data entry and analysis facilities available.


Research projects conducted from 2011-2016


  1. Prevalence and trends in Shisha smoking among College, University and Madarsa students aged 20-25 years in Pakistan.
  2. Factors affecting academic performance of primary school children.
  3. Knowledge, attitude and practice pattern of breast self examination (BSE) in women of Karachi.
  4. Screening for tuberculosis among household contacts of index patients. (Multi-centre study)
  5. Health seeking behavior among adult patients (male & female) attending OPDs of public sector hospitals in Karachi.
  6. Perceptions and practices for the control of dengue fever in Karachi: A school based survey.
  7. Verbal autopsy of neonates brought dead in emergency units of tertiary health care facilities of Pakistan. (Multi-centre study)
  8. Economic burden of dengue/dengue hemorrhagic fever in Pakistan during 2001.(Multi-centre study)
  9. Knowledge, attitude and practice related to dengue management among physicians of medical wards/units of public and private hospitals. (Multi-centre study)
  10. Assessment of hepatitis B vaccination coverage in children under 5 in two major public sector hospitals of Karachi.
  11. Pneumococcal infections in children under 5 in Karachi: a retrospective analysis.
  12. Frequency of Hepatitis E virus in pregnant cases. A national prospective study.( Multi-centre study)
  13. Case control study for measles outbreak in a tertiary care hospital.
  14. To determine patients’ perceptions and attitude for blood transfusion.
  15. To determine the factors responsible for diagnostic delay of breast cancer among women.
  16. Establishment of Cancer registry in Islamabad and major cities of Pakistan.
  17. Frequency of hospitalization for childhood pneumonia after Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine. (age appropriate) Time series prospective study. (On-Going)
  18. Behavioral and metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVDs) and their association with serum Leptin levels. (On-Going)




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